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Reply to "Sad"


That is wonderful that they found your 5 rolls of film from your Mom's 80th birthday party in October. What a blessing!!!!

Also glad that you & your husband are going to be able to get away this weekend. I think after care-giving and then loosing your loved one you just need some time to re-group.

When I lost my Father on June 3, 2005 - I felt the same exact way. It was the MOST difficult thing in the world to do dishes or a load of laundry and cooking dinner seemed like an impossible feat. I still had to care for my Mother - and she still needed to eat - be clean - otherwise I believe I would have probably laid in bed for weeks and watched Life Time Movies - and ordered out A LOT!!!!!

I think everything you are feeling is perfectly normal. It is hard for EVERYONE when they loose a loved one - but I think being a care-giver is different - cause if affects EVERY aspect of your daily life.

I cannot believe I am writing this - but it does get better with time. Gosh - I never ever ever thought I would write or say those words and mean them. Oh yes, there are still days where grief sneaks up on me like a ton of bricks - but it does pass. It happens less frequent and not as intense as in the beginning.

I believe they are always with you - and guiding you as you continue on your journey on this earth - and saving a place for you -when its your time to join them.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.