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Reply to "Revelation or Resolution?"


I am really proud of you!

As you know, Wayne has taught me many lessons during the last four years. I keep reminding myself of them these past few days.
I find they are helping me tremendously.

He did not want anyone to feel sorry for him. No pity. He accepted and adjusted and lived each day. I keep remembering the day he told me that if he was going to fight to live that I had to let go of the anger and live, love and laugh with him. Now that he is not physically here with me anymore, I must continue to live, love and laugh. That is what life is about.

Choose your battles, pick out the priorities. As you do what you can for others, remember that YOU are ALIVE so LIVE! Take time to smell the roses, have a quiet time for yourself, take care of you, and learn to laugh again. Enjoy this time.
You deserve it and you are allowed.

Love and Hugs