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Reply to "Oxygen"

Hello Zoe,

My apologies for not having responded sooner.. I have been away on a silent retreat for the past week with no access to the internet.Your response reminded me of my correspondence with Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross. Here was a women that advocated for proper end of life care through hospice and so much more but when she was in the hospital, the staff was rough, uncaring and treated her awfully.

I can understand the times we are living in where people are working long hours for very little money, the stresses etc but many people in the health care industry just do not have the patience and caring, nor the heart that is truly needed. Of course, needless to say, there are millions who are doing the work of God in the care they provide.

I am not sure if you are needing to bathe your grandmother in her bed or in a shower or tub. I did do a search on google for:

videos on how to bathe an elderly person

and I did one more search for 

instructions for bathing elderly people

Many of the videos are on you tube for free. There are ones that show bathing in bed and several for a bath tub and shower.. with info on grab bars, bathing stools etc. I am sure if you watch one or two of them, you will find the best way to assist her.

Let me know how you make out.. This is my best suggestions.

Your grandmother is blessed to have your loving care and I know that even though it may not always appear to be a gift, caring for her is a huge gift for you.

Blessings in all you are doing.