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Reply to "Oxygen"

Hi Zoe,

Seems like you are handling it.. reaching out, getting support and feedback... an most importantly winging it. Just breathe deeply when you feel stuck and answers will come to you,

It's great that your grandmother is trying to do as much as she can especially showering .

The best thing is to keep asking for what  you need and I will respond as quickly as I can...

There is life after caregiving and I have become an artist so I spend a good deal of time seeking out connections etc.. My work is custom installations so I don't need to do much at home.. just on site work.

Keep your spirits up... diaglogue with your grandmother as much as you can as I am sure she can also contribute to what works best for her. It might be good to invest in a bathing stool for her in the shower or the tub, grab bars etc to make it more secure for her and easier on you.

Keep us posed.