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Thanks Jane

What kind sweet words you said to me. Thanks again. We all come from some kind of dysfunctional family don't we? Some worse than others. We have to learn to rise above it somehow and someway. I am not a quitter.

I will pray for us to be lifted onto a new level of awareness and peace. I believe it can be done.

I left today for my rental property (its vacant). Good thing I remembered to get the dialup number from my DSL service or I would be lost w/o the Internet. So here I sitting in my rental - soon to be my home again after my home sells. It's significantly smaller but thats less house work for me, right???

I wrote my parents a very short note saying I was going away for a few days this morning and took off. Thank goodness they went to the store and didn't see me loading up. I did get an e-mail from my Dad a little bit ago apologizing for his actions and that he never wanted to cause me any pain and would be happy with any decision I make regarding selling my home. That took a lot for him to do. I don't remember him apologizing for anything before ever. He is a good man - just needs not to be so pushy about his advice. I pray that Dad will wait for me to ask for his advice from now on.

I've been busy here. I went to the local Walmart and got shelf paper, supplies, a small refig and microwave which I'll put upstairs where I will stay (so I can have a snack and drink w/o having to go downstairs to the kitchen sometimes.

My daughter called wanting to know if I would go to church with her tomorrow but I'm out of town and can't - darn it. I am so very happy because this is the FIRST time she has wanted to go to church on her own since she lost her brother!!! She had turned away from the church after her he died. She seems to be slowly turning the corner back to being the great mother and wife I know her to be. She had pulled away from them and buried herself in work when her brother left us. Just this week she said she realized she had done this and we talked quite a bit about this. It was like she woke up after two years. Isn't that wonderful? I've prayed for this to happen for a long, long time. Thank you my Lord.

Oh, my son - how I miss you!!! I miss your funess, your excitment of life, your intellegence, your caring ways - and our conversations nearly every night. OMG, your humor!!! He told me several times he would take care of me when I got old. Isn't that the sweetest thing? I do believe in heaven so I take comfort knowing it is a short goodbye before we meet again but it is so hard being here without him. I want him HERE.

Have a joyful Sunday inspite of the pain - we cannot let the darkness win.

Mimi of 4