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Mimi of 4 -

Oh - I can so relate!!!!! You just rang big bells when you said - can't you EVER make your OWN decisions and have someone tell you that you are right!!!!! And the fact that you have already sold 2 houses in your life time - seems like well you know what you are doing.

My Father was so like that. Anything I ever did was never good enough. I used to get knots in my stomach when I would buy a house - or a car - or do something - cause he would always think it was a bad idea - Although MOST of the time - I still did what I "thought" was the right thing to do -there were many times that I caved to his way of thinking not to be yelled at or thought badly about. I miss him dearly now - I remember the 1st decision I made without him - well actually it was my daugther bringing ANOTHER dog home - oh he would have yelled and yelled and yelled - and I thought - boy isn't this strange NOT to be in trouble. Funny - I have a few "major" things going on right now - selling a rental property and pondering a job - and all I want to do it talk to him LOL!!! Go figure right!!!!!

My Mother who is chronic schziophrenic - yells at me constantly too - not about "big things" - but if she "catches me watching tv" - or "talking on the phone" or not feeding the animals at exactly 5:00 pm - how I am dressed - when I colored my hair red - OH BOY she yelled at me for two weeks how UGLY I look.

So you do touch home. I always "wondered" why can't they be like "normal" parents - who just support me in my decisions - but no - never had that - but always wanted it. Funny they trust me TOTALLY with ALL their medicial decisions - but they do not AGREE with my decisions on what color hair I have - or if I want to get a new shed etc etc -

But again - I do kind of miss being yelled at by my Father LOL!!!! Its funny - cause this is the 1st time EVER that I can make my own decisions about BIG things and NOT be in trouble - ODD..........

Take Care Mimi of 4!!!