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Reply to "New to this forum"

Hi Mimi and Mimi (you figure out which one I'm talking to)

Your plan is good. Way to go, Mimi.

No. Not you, Mimi ... the other Mimi.

Seriously ... I'm glad that you are making plans to make life different. It sounds like a good plan, too.

My sincere condolences about your aunt. You probably wonder to yourself "what next?" Sometimes it does come in bunches. I don't know why it does that, but it does.

About your daughter ... hang in there with her. Things will change. They always do.

Last week, I was a basket case. I didn't post for a little while because I simply couldn't think of anything worthwhile to say. I did read some of the posts from late last year. In particular, one subject was on having faith and having that faith tested at times. I found a lot of wisdom in those words. The words helped me. This site has helped me. The people who post messages here have helped me. In fact, all of this .... taking care of my parents, watching them struggle yet continue to get up each day ... dealing with uninvolved family members ... having to make some tough decisions on my own ... all of it ... It has changed me. I can honestly say for the better, too. I will not have any regrets when all of this over and both my parents are gone. I know my priorities, I know what I should do and how to do it. I am learning to set boundaries, I'm learning about just how much I can give without feeling like I'm being swallowed up. I've also learned that the amount I am giving is just the right amount, at least for now. As time changes, the needs may change. But for now, it is working. I've learned that just because you are related to someone by blood, you are not necessarily a family. I've learned that no matter how hard I try, I can't turn back the clock, make my parents well again, or keep them dying but I can help to make their days a little easier. And when it comes to them, I don't always do everything right but every once in a while, I hit one out of the park. I'll bet that you do, too, Mimi.

Be well. Again, my condolences on the your aunt's passing.