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Glenda and Mimi

Thanks for your great posts. Each one of you have different struggles yet we are bound together by the very tough place we find ourselves.

Yes, moving into a smaller house will be tough but there is light at the end of the tunnel, I hope. By selling my current dream home and making my smaller house (now rental) my home, I will be able to sell it tax free in two years. Then I plan to buy land and put a few small modular homes on the land. I hope I'm not repeating myself and have already said this. I will gain my own space once this part of my plan is done. Of course, along the way things could change. The housing market could crash and I won't be able to sell in two years and so on.

It is so hard for me just to get my current home ready to sell. We have made 7 trips to declutter it (Dad has been awesome in loading truck and both Mom and Dad go with me) and the last few steps to completing this is at hand. I am close to shamphooing carpets and then putting out the "For Sale" sign. I just don't know if I should try to sell myself or list with realtor. Relators charge so much. I could buy a car and have moeny left over if I sold it myself with the fee the realtors charge.

On another note, Dad called me this morning from his LR (one of my spare bedrooms made into their LR) and said his sister, my aunt had passed away. She was my only Instant Message buddy. I was hit by a ton of bricks - it brought back a wave of pain from losing my precious, humorous, intellegent son. I'm bummed. My dad sounded awful - I thought he was sick and asked so - then he told me.

Also, over the weekend my daughter and I figured out she is married to a Passive-Aggressive person. She is just now coming to terms with her brother's death and is waking up from this fog of grieve to find she has a husband that is pretty worthless. Here is what really got her attention: She had to have an hysterectomy and bladder repair in early April. 3-4 weeks ago she couldn't void. By the time she called 911 she was going delerious. Anyway, husband comes home just before ambulance arrives. She tells him what a crisis she is in - he walks passed her and went to bed!!! I've done some reading and these PAs (passive aggressive) are all about manipulating by action and not words. He did tell her later he was made at her. The good news is she is smart enough to not let this type of manipulation get to her. She was getting obssessed by how badly he treated her in those subtle - non-spoken ways - now we know why. She is prepared to take control of herself and not count on him. Why in the he** can't people be normal??? Bummer, bummer, bummer.

Anyway, I love reading your posts. It helps me to get away from my situation and get into yours while reading.

Have a great week. I pray for the ability to handle these siuations with grace. I love that quaility and fall so short.

BTW, I'm Mimi to my 4 grandkids.