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Reply to "My mom passed away"

Reposted from your other posting..

Moderator posted 08-03-2007 10:49 AM


Lotsof loving hugs coming your way... you were so remarkable with your mother... more than many... I am sitting here understanding the guilt and mixed feelings... but with a huge smile, remembering when you took your mother to NYC... I never thought the two of you would have made it given her diagnosis and the stage she was in but you mastered it..

This is a time to connect with your mom soul to soul.. through your thoughts.. her soul understood all of what you were going through and continue to experience with no judgement at all... she knew you were a blessing to her.. filled with so much love and care and this is what is most vitally important for you to understand at this time...

Please learn from others who have lost a loved one.. we all begin to put the should'ves, couldves' etc on ourselves.. but when you truly look back as an observer, you did the very best that you could in any given moment, given the circumstances... even when you felt awful and wished the end was there already...All of these feelings are normal to a family caregiver.. they are a normal part of the anticipated and daily grieving we experience before our loved ones pass and part of the grief and healing process after their transition...

My thoughts and prayers are with you. I hope you will continue to post here as you have been such a wonderful part of the community...

richest blessings and may your healing be gentle and nurturing...