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Reply to "Must be on disability 2 years to get Medicare?!"

Hola Barb

I am so sorry to hear about the situation with your stepson... It's so devastating.... What can I say that hasn't been said before? Our government just doesn't get it... they aren't concerned if you don't make billions of dollars these days. It is truly a sad state of affairs. 

When I first moved down here, I tried to get international insurance coverage that would allow me to have medical treatment and surgeries etc in the US as well as here. There are both good and bad doctors here as in the US but the fees are ridiculously cheap....

I had pneumonia last Nov and the first visit with the doctor was 350 pesos... less than $30... his care was impeccable.. he called me daily to check up on me... had me come in to make sure my lungs were cleared before going into a long holiday weekend... didn't charge me for my second visit... I just purchased more antibiotics... $20.00

As for the insurance it was about $220 a month but they declined me because my sugar level was one point above the norm. I was supposed to retest my blood and follow through with it but all hell broke loose with my crystal installation art.. the gallery open etc... and now it's over a year and I am thinking I need to do it asap as my health insurance has almost doubled in the states and it doesn't cover me down here...

People are afraid to move down here because their doctors are in the states but so many do and they are fortunate to receive excellent care...

my thoughts and prayers are with you....