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Must be on disability 2 years to get Medicare?!

Okay, this is just a rant about the state of our dysfunctional healthcare system.

My stepson (40's) had back surgery a few years ago that didn't heal right so he recently got on Social Security Disability (somewhere in this timeline he was let go by his employer).  In the meantime his wife got laid off and is on unemployment while she trains for a new profession.  According to her, their current health insurance is done April 1st.  Their combined benefits puts their monthly income too high for their state's Medicaid or other assistance.  She told me (and I looked it up online to confirm) he will not be able to get on Medicare until he's been on disability for 24 months.  How dumb is that?  He had an MRI this morning because of severe pain that is probably a herniated disk in his neck (like father, like son).  Part of the consideration as to whether or not he has surgery will be the fast approaching cut off of their medical benefits.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

So a person who is disabled for medical reasons can't get medical coverage for two years.  I guess the gov't hopes he dies in the meantime.  He already had his first heart attack last summer, between worrying over his health and their lack of money and the ex-wife taking him to court over money he doesn't have... and of course we have nothing extra to help them.

My daughter-in-law's plan is to see if her old employer will take her back and get them insurance coverage again, while she continues going to school, and takes care of her husband and tween-age son.

Why - oh - why is our healthcare tied to employment?  I could climb on a political soapbox, but I won't.  Serenity Prayer time, instead.
Thanks for listening.

So Gail, what is the system like in Mexico?

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