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Mom going into nursing home, on Medicare, I need her money, disabled...

Mom had a mini stroke and is in rehab which her Mediare will pay for up to 30 days at 100% and then she will come back home with me as the caregiver. She is confused and needs help with everything.
I am disabled with COPD and severe scoliosis. I feel that in the coming six months she will need to enter a nursing home permanently.

I know that she cannot transfer her savings to me or she will not be elibible for Medicare to pay for the nursing home, but I read that an adult disabled child can be given the money with no penaltly.

The problem is, I have not been declared disabled. I have no insurence and just get a prescription for an inhaler occasionally at a clinic. There is nothing a doctor can do for me. I have severe back pain and am out of breath and coughing every day of my life.

How do I get a doctor to declare me disabled? Do I run around hoping to find a nice one? They will say "Well if I had been treating you, then I could do it, but I don't know you."
My Xray could be in a freak show my back is so bad and there IS a record of a doctor saying I have COPD.

Does anyone know how I can get declared disbabled in this situation?
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