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Reply to "Mom"

Hello Gail,
Yes, actually just this week got the biopsy back. Good news, not bone cancer. One less hurdle to conquer. However, mom has a fractured pelvis, hip, 2 herniated discs, and compressed fracture of the spine. She still in agony. Hasn't walked in 2 weeks. Her diabetes and blood pressure is out of control as well. Had an epideral yesterday, and today she was placed in a Rehab.
Although this is for sure a struggle to stay on neutral ground, I am finding it difficult to keep quiet with these siblings and their lack of assistance, and their cruelness toward my mother. As for the way they treat me, I dont care, but my mom cries so much and I am to be honest tired of hearing it, what they do, dont do, say, dont say, etc. I am however, keeping my mouth zipped.
I am very excited about my new journey. A dream finally coming true.
Hope you are doing well dear friend.

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