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Reply to "Lost faith"


I certainly understand how you feel. I have never been an overly religious person, but have always believed in God and Jesus. I cannot say I attended church faithful nor read the bible very much - except when I was younger. However, I always held that belief.

When my Mother was really sick about 3 1/2 years ago - I begged the visiting pastor to see if he could help me. Even if it was post a note a church to see if anyone would volunteer or even get paid to sit with my Mother for a few hours while I got out. But he basically said - can't help you and was left on my own without another word from the church - except my yearly letter of "how much I should be donating compared to how much I was donating".

Talk about furious and hurt. I stopped donating to the church - although my Father still snuck it LOL!!!! I did not loose faith in God per say - but lost faith in the church itself.

I am also not a real big prayer. It's odd, but I never really wanted to pray for anything "big" cause I didn't want to be selfish. I only prayed for the health of my family. When my Father's cancer turned terminal - I changed that prayer from getting better and being healthy to please don't let him suffer. And he really didn't all that much. It was a long 7 months and 3 days - but it was ok (as ok as dying can be).

My Father death in June 2005 - brought me to a closer relationship with God. Not so much the praying and asking for things - nor the going to church (still take care of my Mother and its hard to get out) - but more reading and just talking in my head - and instead of having a basic concept of God - changed some of my beliefs a little. I think my Father's passing made me more spiritual for lack of better words.

I just recently found out I was pregnant HUGE HUGE suprise - and I am 38 - and have a daugther who will be 20 next month. I had NO INTENTION of having more children - but I do believe this was a gift from God. So I have started praying again for my health and what is meant to be will be.

I think that Glenda had a good suggestion - maybe that was just not the church for you. I hear stories of people from church coming together with fellow members in their time of need. It is out there.

And as Gail said - everyone is human - even the highest person in the church is human and may not realize that they are not meeting someone's needs.