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Reply to "Lost faith"

Dear Angie:

I think it is only natural to withdraw when you feel that you are in an uncaring environment. And you are not alone. Many of us have questioned our religious beliefs during our care-giving years for reasons which are not dissimilar to yours.

It might be a good time to seek out another church - one with a warm and caring pastor. It may be that finding a good pastor that cares about his congregation will help to restore your faith. I think, perhaps, it may be people that you have lost your faith in and not necessarily in God. And questioning your faith, understandably, can be very distressing when you have been so devoted before...

Sometimes we have to "get on the horse" again and take a risk. It may take some exploration to find the church you are looking for but I am sure there are congregations out there that rally around others in hard times.

Meanwhile, I would suggest that you contact Faith in Action - hopefully there is one in your area. Their website is:

Just enter your state and/or zip code to find the nearest location. The volunteers come from various religious sectors as well as from the community. Meanwhile, do not give up the faith Angie...

Love and Hugs from Glenda

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