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Reply to "looking for 24-hour in-home care for my mom?"

Hello COscrapper,

Welcome.. so many important issues here.. I will just list them..

your mother's age

does your mother have a substantial savings etc with her home, properties, pensions etc?
Are other names listed as joint on any or all of her banking, investments, properties etc?

depending on the state, etc., generally an individual can be placed into a nursing home and remain permanently... medicare will kick in for 20 or so days as Barb said.. and then if she is to remain in the home, any monies she has will be used until they are used up and then medicare will kick in again.

there are also ways to disperse your mother's holdings legally... she is permitted to gift family members $10,000 each with no taxing yearly and other ways to have her money protected... If you downspend even today by writing a check for all the monies to the individual that has the poa... you would have to pay a penalty so if she was being placed in the nursing home, you wouldn't be responsible for all of it.. but you need to check with your mother's lawyer and I would encourage you to contact because they have been set up to advocate for individuals .. there info can be found at:


you can also call the local hospices in your mother's area as some might admit her.. however, I discourage you from even hoping that Medicare or Hospice would provide round the clock care for your mother...

you can check with the local area agency on aging for other options.. or their local department of aging...

there are check lists here at the site for choosing a nursing home..

are there other family members who will oversee her care if she is placed in a nh in PA? Are you willing to place her into a nh in Colorado? Is that possible? Would her medicare be transferred and active/

There are lots of decisions that you will need to make... I know I haven't given you direct answers, but it's a start... with more detrailed info, I could probably direct you a bit more..

You can also call the eldercare locator for services and referrals at: 1-800-677-1116.

Please keep us posted...