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I've lost my whole family....update!!

Well, it is almost 6 months since Mom has passed away.
My sis-in-law calls about 2 months ago, she wants to have a family picnic!!
What?????!!! A family picnic???!! What family???!! Surely not mine. I don't have a family!! Or so that's how I have felt.

Not one has called and asked if I am OK. Not one has called to see if I need help clearing out Mom's things!! No contact, No nothing, and now a family picnic!!!

I just let her believe that I was coming, but never had any intentions of showing up anyway. She called me at lunch time the day of and asked if I were coming.........I said ' OMGosh....I totally forgot!!!!' I asked who all was there...didn't sound like too good a turn out anyway. I told her just to tell everyone we said 'Hi'!!

Can you even imagine!!! No contact for 6 months, no support or caring for Mom when she was here. For the 3 years that she lived here they came to visit 4 times!!! and 2 times it was to collect money from the sale of her mobile home!!!

I am just totally baffled!!
Is she really that stupid????

I guess my sister and her husband were there also.
Don't get me started on her!!!!!

OK, I am now done venting!!!
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