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I've lost my whole family...............

Hard to believe but it is 6 weeks since my Mom passed away.
My brother who lives in Va. that I thought at least cared alittle has not called me even once.

I've talked to m y sister once since the funeral. and my older brother only once.
My other brother was taking care of mom's finances has been up quite a few times and usually calls every week.

I should have realized that this is what would happen. they did not come around when Mom was alive and never bothered to ask if I needed help with anything.

I guess I am just a little sad. I knew that this would happen. I told myself that I really did not care. But I guess I do.

Mom lived with me for 3 years. We became really close. Don't you think someone would care enough to ask me how I am doing?

Are all families like this? or is it just mine?
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