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Reply to "In-laws arriving today"

Mimi and Glenda -

Thanks for your replies. I'm on the laptop under the auspices of doing paid work and paying bills, but I just had to pop in and see how things are going here.

Eating out - well, since MIL is an excellent cook, I'll get waited on in respects to that once she learns my kitchen, she won't let me help much. She brought a cooler full of fresh peas and beans from the family garden - which I think is in BIL's yard this year. Oh, and okra - of which I am not a fan, but DH *loves*.

I think it's driving her nuts that I don't have a list of things for her to do, and DH is doped up and asleep right now. I could go on, but I'm supposed to be working...

Mimi, I'm sorry to hear about your vision problem. Sounds like it's correctable, though. Hope all goes well... in "hell." LOL!

Glenda, I hope your online lessons get more manageable. I really admire you for that. I'm supposed to be self-learning some new programming stuff for a new contract. Some of it is very interesting, but some of it is tedious. I could "cheat" and just copy stuff off the CD that came with the book, but then I won't learn it as well.

Gotta go.