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Reply to "In-laws arriving today"

Hi, Glenda.

Thanx for your reply and the link.

Mom was in assisted living before the nh, so I'm familiar with that kind of set up. The one your mom is in looks very nice, though. My IL's are pretty tight with a dollar and still pretty independent, but I'll mention this as an option for them to think about.

Actually, MIL called a little while ago. I have a reprieve until Monday. FIL backed his car into a tree, so they are camping at BIL's over the weekend. They had a family function at his wife's folk's place, so they aren't home.

Also, MIL said they worked out an arrangement for the apartment they were planning to rent, but it won't be available until Sept 1st. Got my fingers crossed on that one.

BTW, Glenda, I noticed the other day you changed from hot chocolate to iced mocha, was it? Being in the south, I'm into iced tea and diet soda, myself. LOL! Have you been having the dreadfully hot weather where you are?

Thanks again, for being such a good listener and shoulder for support.