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In-laws arriving today

Hi, to all. Just venting, no replies necessary:

Okay, most of you know that I care-give for my mother in the nh and my DH here at home.

DH's folks are headed this way as I write. They live in MS about an hour or so north of New Orleans. Their little town has over doubled in population since Katrina and there is a housing shortage. They've been having money trouble, so they sold their house to get out of debt (he's 84, she's 76, I think). They had a place lined up to rent, but the deal fell through so now they have no place to go.

I'm a little nervous about having them here long term. We're all hoping it will only be for a few weeks. Even though I've known them 20 years, we've never spent more than a few days together at a time.

They both have mobility issues, and I worry about them on the stairs. Their last couple of visits, I had flashbacks to my mother trying to make that top step. DH won't give up our room downstairs - so that's just how it will be.

MIL's a "take-over" type of person, and loves to cook, so if we need to reorganize the kitchen some where she can get to things more easily, I'll let her do that. But I'll have to put my foot down about the rest of the house - which will be tough.

BTW, my brother came up from S Fla on July 1st. He wrecked his car going home a couple of weeks ago, and it will still be another week or so before it is fixed. He's been staying here and using Mom's car to see her at the nh almost every day. He's going to be spending weekends and some nites with friends, and some nites here on the sofa. I feel really rotten moving him out of the guest room, but he's allergic to something in my house, so he's been visiting various friends all this time anyway, but they all live about an hour away, so he really prefers to use us as his base (and DH and I both love having him here).

Okay, so if I'm a little frazzled the next few weeks, you'll know why.

DH had a bad week this week with his usual pain and now nauseau, which we think may be one of his meds. Mom caught the lower GI bug that's been going around the nh. I'm going to check on her today, and be very careful not to carry any germs home!

Sigh! Once again, I ask for positive thoughts that things will go okay here. My little mundane troubles are so small compared to what some of you are going through. Thanks for letting me "angst" among you.

Barb in Bama
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