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Reply to "Ideas needed - you still have a purpose!"

I agree .. you are incredibly sweet!
I know my Mom has a hard time hearing and a difficult time walking but is incredibly strong willed . .

Can your Great Grandma is it ? I agree with Barb it's hard to see on your post if it's safe to do what she suggested . . but I agree with meal preps if she can use her hands . . . for my Mom that's a tough one . . took me a while to 'get' her to quilt as she is very proud . .

Anything she likes or 'used to' do that she doesn't anymore due to pride????
If so can you sit with her or someone and encourage her or do something you like and just leave whatever her hobby it is like a jigsaw or something . . .anything to get her to not watch TV all the time?

Now this is out in left field . . learn sign language or do you think that would make her feel less adequate???

Arrange flowers?



Hope that help!