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Reply to "I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!"

Hi Willie,

If your mom is suffering from an onset of some form of dementia, or lack of short term memory, it can also be from a combination of medications, (in my mother's case, it was an extremely low salt level) and other things.

It will drive you crazy if you keep trying to get her to understand and remember if there is a problem with her short term memory. It did for me. There were days she was very coherent and days she wasn't. When we finally learned it was her salt, she was able to add salt to her diet, yet there were still days when it went off.

some days we would have incredible conversations and do things... and two days later I would find out she didn't remember a thing.

If the problem is from something other than the onset of a dementia, the doctors will have to diagnose the cause and you learn to live and accept it. And if it is an early onset for a form of dementia, then you will learn to accept this to with time. However, with the early onset of dementia, you will find that you can no longer work so hard on bringing them back into your world and that it would be easier to enter their world and go along with what is in the moment for them...sort of like play acting...

Willie, I do understand what you are saying when you feel hypocritical about God or the Higher Power. I have just lifted myself out of the same feelings. I think we all lose ourselves at times. We find ourselves praying for the help for another yet cannot bring ourselves to pray for ourselves. This is the ego that keeps us from doing what is right. However, the mere fact that you say you believe in a Higher Power is a very clear indication that you know there is something bigger out there where we all have come from. It is also within us. It is in every cell of our being. You will need to still yourself in the quietness of yourself to go within and begin to heal. Look through the journal exercises and see if there is anything that you resonate with.

There are no accidents that we have all been posting here for each other. It is only synchronicity. I am here to offer love and compassion with the understanding. You are the one that is responsible for being here and reaching out. Getting support and feedback from others. When the time is right, you will find that you are an incredibly special soul, a spirit that deserves to soar and live your own life more fully. Listen to your heart not your head, listen to what your body is telling you. Listen to what feels good in your heart and makes your body feel at peace and light. These are the barometers that will help you to get in touch with your truest essence.

Richest blessings
Love & light