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Reply to "I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!"

to gail

you hit the nail on the head.i saw my mother
yesterday and explained to her that if i
dont start looking after myself,i wont be
able to care for her any longer,
i went into a few details,and kept them
simple enough so she would understand.
she seemed to grasp what i was trying to tell
her.but forgot ten min later.
also i started to put my initials on her
calender,so she would know when i was there.
and also,if there is a phone conversation
i have to go through a step by step instruction to get her to mark the call on her calender.i explained to her that before she calls me,to look at the calender first.
even if she feels i havent been in touch with her for a long time.
i hope this works.
i see a lot of posts with refferences to god.
i believe there is a higher power,but i find
it difficult to come to terms with that.
i feel that i am being hypocritical for
turning to prayer only when im down and out
anyway tomorow is a new day.................