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Reply to "I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!"

Hi Willie
I am sending lots of loving hugs and compassion your way. You are a child of the higher power... you have what you need to move through this. Sometimes we need to go down real low, to heal from within so that we can rise more to who we really are as spirit in these bodies.

Diabetes needs to be controlled as you already know, I am sure It can play havoc on your emotions when your sugar isn't in balance and this coupled with your anxiety does not support you.

You have been caring for your mom but from the sound of it, it is time to start caring for muster up the strength and courage to continue reaching out for the support you need...getting your health in balance is important is the most important thing you must focus on at this point. You cannot be there for another if you aren't there for yourself having your own needs met.

Please do whatever you need to do in terms of seeking out professional care to balance your sugar and stablize it... and continue working with the therapist in terms of balancing out your emotions so that you can take control of your life again. If you need medical assistance to help you with the anxiety depression, then ask your doctor to work with you and let him/her prescribe a light medication that may help you to work through all of this ... there are many ways along with a therapist to work through the axniety... so that you can live your life more freely and joyfully. Perhaps you might ask them about hypnosis, visualization, imagery or even yoga and deep breathing to help calm you when the attacks start creeping up.

Unfortunately, I myself included, many caregivers just keep giving and giving until they burn out. Many a time the giving is coupled with feelings of resentment, guilt, feeling responsible for the other etc. We tend to reach a point where we, ourselves want some one to take care of us as we have the others. The truth is angel that we are the only ones who can really take care of our selves. It also means reaching out and seeking out to get the help we need to work through whatever it is that keeps us from seeing how truly beautiful we are... we are spirit. we must get to the place of honoring and aligning with the flow of the Universe and the higher power. We have to make the choice, the commitment to do this for ourselves.

Please keep us posted... richest blessings...

Love & light