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Reply to "I GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!"

Morning Willie...

Sorry to hear things have not improved for you...and I know how frustrating it can get.
But you must remember that your mother may not even remember that she is calling so often....I remember back after my father had his stroke and the memory problems started as did the numerous phone calls. So many times I would say in response to one of his questions..."but you just asked me that an hour ago when you called"...and he would have no recollection that he had called.
It may be something she honestly doesn't realize that she is doing.
Now I am learning to...number 1) not answer every time as i have name display and know when it is him...number 2)try always to remember that he is not as he used to be in regards to memory and that he is a bit lonely and probably scared...and number 3) which has been the biggest help to to always try to keep a sense of humor about it...a lot of times when he forgets things he will even say...I think its time I got a brain transplant...and we both can have a little laugh about it. That can really ease some of the stress...just having a good chuckle.
I know it might seem trivial as you feel very stressed out but sometimes even the simplest things can make you breathe a small sigh of relief....
Please take care...
Keep in touch...