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I am so Hurt & Angry ...Please help with Legal issue

It has been such a terrible week with the loss of my mom last week .
Now this .
I have found out that the Laywer who was suppose to probate my Dads will 2 years ago for my mom , has never changed things over in her name even though he was paid to do so .
I have been told he pulled all the paperwork But never completed it .. just put back in the file .
What does this mean to all her kids ?
Is he accountable in anyway for falling down on his job ?
Can it still be completed now that she is gone ?
The Lawyer sent me a letter yesterday, to come into his office at my first convienience to see what needs to be done with my Daddys Will . I don't even know if he knows mama has passed away . I am so angry & hurt . I shouldn't have to be dealing this right now . He was paid to do this 2 years ago . I can't help but assume he is just wanting more money now .
Money that I don't have to give , for work he left uncompleted .
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