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Reply to "How Do You Deal With Your Threatening Siblings & Siblings Who Will Not Help"

Hello Jeri,


Welcome! I hope that each new day brings more love, peace and healing to you on your journey.

Your letter reminds me of my brother and so many other sibling stories that other caregivers have shared with me...

They simply can not deal with the ideas surrounding death. It's like they their attitude is call me when they have passed and we'll pay our respects and collect the money..It is a cruel thing to say... unfortunately, the truth is that they just cannot cope or be a part of the healing process which many undergo with their loved ones in their final months and days and moments. The truth is that it is their loss and not ours.

I hope that your pain and anger dissipate daily...holding it in doesn't serve you. work on releasing it so that you are free, knowing that your dad knew how much you loved and cared for him...Blessings to you.