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Reply to "How Do You Deal With Your Threatening Siblings & Siblings Who Will Not Help"

Well, folks, what I thought was impossible happened. My brother did in fact come from CA. and visited me after two long years. He stayed for one week.

He went with me to take Mom to the Dr. My Mom is forgetting how to swallow her food and is hoarding it in her mouth and then spits it out.

The Dr. ordered that her food be pureed so we'll see how she does with that. We visited with her at the nursing home several times.

I know he was very nervous about seeing me but I think he was relieved to be back in the
family again. He also saw his son and family who he had not seen for 2 yrs. Even though he promised to stay in touch from now on, I am still somewhat skeptical, but we'll see what happens.

But I feel such relief and I don't feel this deep anger towards him. At least I know I've done what I could to patch up this relationship and can live with myself and not feel a knot in my stomach like I did every time I thought of him. We actually
had a very pleasant visit! Pleasant!!!!

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers especially now that my Mom is in the late stages and say a prayer for her too! I will keep posting and let you know how things are coming along.

I will keep all of you in my prayers