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Reply to "How Do You Deal With Your Threatening Siblings & Siblings Who Will Not Help"

In reading some of the responses on this board has really made me feel better about how I have chosen to care for my mother. I have been called every name in the book, I
have encountered arguments that the soul purpose of was for me to anger some one, so that they would leave in a huff, therefore, eliminating any possibility of help from the offended one.

My sibling disappeared out of my mothers life quicker and more flawless than Houdini
ever could have done! I find it ironic that everyone is so busy or working so hard that
they can't find the time to show a little love for their Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother or Aunt; all of which my mother is to one or more of my siblings. At first, I went through anger, madness, depression
and many other phases of adjustments. Of all, the most trying time was when my mother was admitted to the hospital with a slight temperature and ended up nine days later diagnosed as terminal by the attending doctor, who made the diagnosis only to Cover His A--!

They tried as hard as they could to make the diagnosis come to pass, by allowing her to
go without food, water or medication by placing her on the surgery list. Only the doctors scheduled to do the surgery forgot about the scheduled surgery? The delay,in essence, rendered her ineligible for
surgery due to the fact that she was so frail, ill and malnourished. They sent my mother home with hospice to die, without any medication, instructions or compassion.

I, like my mother am very strong willed, therefore I refused their diagnosis. I sought help elsewhere and hit pay dirt!

The short of this is the fact that my mother didn't die. That has been a year and a half ago. She has amazed all concerned. I no longer want any help from any of my siblings, because they are more harm than help, and I don't need the extra drama.

I'm doing well, even though I don't have a social life, but I'm happy that my mother is alive and living with me rather than a nursing home.

Everyday that I wake up and see her smile one more time for me, I consider that another
blessing for me. The doctors say that I'm only imagining that she responds in any manner to a degree of acknowledgement for my deeds, but I know better! I know, that she knows she's in a safe and loving place, and that's all that matter's to me!!!!!!