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Reply to "How Do You Deal With Your Threatening Siblings & Siblings Who Will Not Help"

Hello Joan
Welcome aboard....I am sure it eases the anger somewhat to see that you are not alone when it comes to your is so painful and we hold so much anger inside. It unfortunately doesn't serve us one bit...

Unfortunately I have said it before and I must say it again....some of us are cut out to be the caregivers and some are not. It is a gift no matter how difficult and the rewards of growth and healing cannot be described totally when you are going through it.

You certainly have had your hands full for almost a decade and I am in awe that you are doing so well. I am glad you have been able to get counseloring to assist you throughout this time.

Ninety years old, your mom is, and I bet she can still push your buttons...their generation is so strong and so very different from where we are coming from.

I'd like to invite you to subscribe to the newsletter and attend the chats on line at
the E.C. SITE.... you can share with others and receive nurturing care and support from many others.

By the way, at least your brother brings your mother a plant...mine doesn't even
make a phone call or send a card on Mother's Day.

Blessings to you in all you are doing.
Love & Light,