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Reply to "How Do You Deal With Your Threatening Siblings & Siblings Who Will Not Help"

Hi my name is Joan and I have been taking care of my Mom and Dad since April,
1991. My father had a stroke and he was paralized. He needed someone to
be with
him partly for his personal care and also because my Mother was rather
angry and
became somewhat abusive toward him. I have two brothers. One lives near
here and
one lives out of town. I have had very little help with their care. At
first I was angry all
of the time, but I finally decided that I would just drive myself crazy
with the anger and
since my parents had enough money, we would just put them in a retirment
and hire people around the clock to help with Dad and be a buffer between
the two of
them. I have to admit I still get angry when my brother from out of town
comes and
spends maybe a half day with Mom and the rest of the time at a movie or out
on my other
brother\'s boat, or when the brother that is here, brings Mother a plant
for Mother\'s Day
and sneaks it over at 7:00AM knowing full well she will be asleep. I have
come a long
ways though and I have been in counseling which helped me a lot. Dad is
gone now
and Mom is 90. She is still quite difficult to deal with, but I try to
take care of myself and
most of the time it works.