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Reply to "Hi everyone!"

Hey Glenda,

I think it is great you will spend some of Christmas with your mom no matter the past.There is no family that I know of that does not have some type of discord in there but just part of life.Never let it get you down inside for you just have to understand,accept what is and do what is best for your life.

But this is the Christmas season so tonight for you I will share my best Christmas tree EVER!

Background though not deep dad divorced when I was 3 in the 60' just a cook 5 kids on her 7 years old....

We lived in Pawhuska Oklahoma at the time and it had not been a good end of the year anyway so Christmas was kinda dreary for us and we could not afford a tree or gifts.So mom 3 weeks before Christmas brought home all kind of odd and ends from the restuarant along with other items,not sure where those came from,and said we were making each other our own gifts.She informed us that we would have a tree for our homemade gifts 1 week before Christmas.

On the 17th mom came home with the huge white sheets of paper they lined the table tops of the banquet hall and covered one wall of the living room with the paper...she called us all in to the room and handed us each a new crayon box and pencils and told us the white wall was OUR CHRISTMAS TREE to make!

We worked for 2 days the five ofus kids and then placed our gifts to each other next to it.....

It was a tree of love...our tree...our Christmas!