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Guilt and choices

I have some terrible choices to make and I sure could use some input.

Here in Michigan lives:
1. my 83 year old mother(Widowed)fairly good heath. Hypocondriac. Lots of dr. visits. Would gladly have me give up my life to take care of her and the family.

2. my 86 year old aunt (never married no kids we're her only family) broken hip.

3. my 76 year old aunt lives one block away from my Mom.widowed. No kids. recent stroke. mother in law.75 widowed. has had esophogial cancer surgery, breathing problems now. Smoker.

5. Mother in laws sister 73 lives close to Mother in law. Has had hip replacements barely gets around seldom leaves house.No kids.Also widowed.

All of these ladies live by theirselves in their own homes and don't want to go to nursing homes. I have a brother 47who is a truckdriver who isn't home much to help and he has health problems himself(diabetes).

My mother even threatened to come and haunt me if I ever put her in one. Joking but serious if you know what I mean.

Heres the big problem. My husband whom I love very much and who loves me lives in Arizona and won't/can't move back to Michigan.
We moved there, then my son and I moved back to Michigan me out of guilt. My son is another story (he hated living in az missed his friends started abusing himself with cutting and burning his arms(have sought counseling for him for that).

I really don't know what to do I want to be with my husband but feel I'm needed here. Please help. I'm only 43 years old and I feel like I should be able to enjoy some of my life. Also I work as a caregive in group homes and have for years. Feeling major burn out here.
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