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Reply to "Grief Support"

Patty and Gail,

Thank you both for your encouraging words. I am very fortunate to have my husband's support. I really don't know what I would do without him. I have many hobbies that I put on hold during my mom's illness. My sons gave me an ipod for Mother's Day so I am in the process of loading my music selections. Hopefully this will give me the motivation I need to exercise more regularly. I enjoy word puzzles, jigsaw puzzles and reading. My husband and I also enjoy gardening and doing landscaping on our property.
Today was my sister's birthday. It was a good day. My husband kept telling me I needed to get rid of the anger I had toward her. My sons and I brought dinner, cupcakes and gifts to her home this afternoon. My younger brother was there as well. We had a lot of laughs talking about when we were younger. It really was a good day despite the rainy conditions here. The sun did shine when we were leaving!
As far as my medication goes, I do have a doctor's appointment next month so I will talk to him and see what he suggests. I know writing here does seem to help me "unload" and I am grateful to those that answer and to those that just read. I hope that maybe what I write will help someone else in the same situation.
Patty - I know what you mean about picking up the phone to call your mom - I would call my mom about the dumbest things but she never made me feel that it was stupid of me to call.
Gail - I am trying to do more things for myself. My family and I are really looking forward to a vacation this July.
Thanks again for listening and for your caring replies.