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Reply to "Grief Support"

Hi, Jackie and Chris.

I'm lucky to still have my mom, but this Mother's day is sad for me because I am really missing my MIL. The florists near where she is buried don't deliver to cemetaries and I don't want to bother other family to pick up and deliver flowers for us. They are all still grieving and having a much worse time of it than me and my dear DH.

Jackie, I think it's great that you are still feeding "the blues." Nature has a very healing power. We have a lot of mockingbirds and quail here, with the occasional bright splash of cardinal.

Doing volunteer work is a good way to get out of the house. Most organizations are flexible about hours, so you could start small and see how it goes and not make a big commitment.

I'm sorry about your Mom. It's good you are getting support from hospice. Keep posting here, when journaling isn't enough.

Prayers and hugs to all whose mothers are in Heaven this Mothers Day, and to all the caregiver angels here on Mother Earth.