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Giving Thanks...

For All Members of the Empowering Caregivers Community..

This year is a particularly challenging one for all of us with all the crisis's set before us.. it's difficult enough when we are caregiving loved ones.. coupled with the financial crunch, the environment, the stress of the election, it is a time more than ever to quietly still ourselves and to go within... to acknowledge the true nature of who we are.. our spirit.

Each of us exists as a ripple in the intelligence field of consciousness that gives rise to everything in the universe.. the stars, the galaxies, and most of all, our body, mind and spirit.. this is our true reality.

Our intuition, attention, imagination, intention, creativity , inspiration, etc are all raw materials of consciousness.. in every given moment we have a choice... do we choose to experience fear or love? We have a choice in any given moment to choose love... and in any given moment, the choice we make is what holds true for that instant.. you can change any time you choose.. using the raw materials that we are gifted with... and in making these choices.. our vibrations can help to shift and heal our loved ones who we care for and all those we care for...

take time today and everyday to spend time with thoughts of gratitude for all you have and for all you can have....

richest blessings... love & light
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