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Getting help caring for spouse

I new to this site and message boards in general.
My wife was diagnosed with cancer in early 2005; survived; had a stoke in August of 2006 - found cancer was back - treated - has a second stoke in October 2006 - treated for cancer till March 2007 -- things were going OK (except she has terribly pain from what was diagnosed as Chemo Induced Peripheral Neuropathy) - had a PT Scan in August of 2007 and they found the cancer had spread and gave he 3 to 6 months to live and while in hospital found she had third stroke.
She is now in home hospice and I need to work to keep us.
My company has been sensational and cooperative and I do much of my work from home, but we are caught in a great black hole: too young for Medicare (she is 58 and I turn 60 this month); we are middle income and although she made more than I do, I still earn a nice living, EXCEPT when you have a hospice situation.
I would appreciate suggestions as to how best to "staff" an affordable support "team," without available family or friends who do not work.
I am suffering all the traditional symptoms of grief and uncertainty and although I intellectually understand what is going on, I am not coping well.
Any suggestions would be most appreciated

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