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Reply to "For FallenAngel..."

Happy New Year Gail and thanks for taking the time to write such
an awakening positive affirmative message! What a gift to receive
on the first day of the new year. I have already put your words
into practice and have been writing down my goals and what I want
to manifest in my life.

I do want to believe that my thoughts and dreams can create my
reality, that not only are we what we eat but what we think to.
I do want to be positive instead of negative, and instill that
outlook in my children, which leads to optimism instead of
pessimism. I think that is what I like working with the public
in service type of jobs in that you are sort of forced to be
cheery and upbeat. You have to greet like old buddies, and many
of my patrons I was glad to see and genuinely did like them.
Actually it was mostly management I had trouble dealing with.

It is true, so true, that I dwell on more what I don't want then
on what I do want which is to provide a safe, warm, secure and
loving learning environment for my children first and foremost.
If I don't do that than nothing else I do will make any sense. I
am pretty sure I have my priorities right on this one. I guess
the next one is obvious and that is I want to do my best to stay
healthy for myself and for them, and not just physically, but
psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

As far as housing goes, that is a big priority. I guess the obvious
and what would apply to most people in my situation is to live
in a safe neighborhood with friendly and helpful neighbors,
a house without other tenants like roaches
and rats, with good plumbing, especially the toilet working good,
have had to use the plunger too much in my life, a house that
has been well maintained and all that entails, with a front yard
and back yard, the front yard having a white picket fence with
a nice looking tree in the yard with branches that one can put
a tire swing on and a back yard a place to grow a little garden,
and another tree there as well to maybe hang a clothes line on
from the house, love the fragrance of sun dried just washed clothes.
Also a house that can has windows to open to sunshine but also
places of cool shade and to be close to schools, shopping, jobs of
course, library to take the kids, playground or park, fire station
and a community college to be about to take classes
and generally a place that is urban but with a touch of the rural.

I guess I am making a grocery list here for the positive things
I want, but you got me thinking along these lines now. I have
to add that I value true friends immensely and want to nuture
the few friends I have and make some new ones. Also want to
get closer to my folks and gain their approval and respect. They
don't always think I set a good example and live up to my
true potential but they do admire that I get out there and work
though they haven't always respected the jobs I have had, either
the riff raff I had to work around and I would always hear
the comment, can't you work in a place that we would be proud
to be seen in with you. Hey, I tell them, my jobs are just
my paychecks, not who I am. Seems to me that most folks criticize
lawyers and politicians as sleazy dirtbag crooks, but I bet you
my folks would be proud if I was in those professions. To me, I
got the most nobel profession there is and that is of being a
parent, and a single one to boot, and yes I do want my kids to
be proud of what I do and I am working at that, and I do want to
have a few diplomas on the wall which is another one of my goals.
I wish people would understand that life is a journey, but they're
always judging you where you're at and not where you're heading. I
got plans, just need some security and money coming in to get there.

As for the spiritual stuff Gail, well, I don't practice any religion
but I don't think that is what you are talking about, but I do pray
to God and respect all life, except for cockroaches and flies, boy, do
I hate those critters, what pests, and ants too, but I don't go out
looking for them to kill, only when they decide to homestead in my
kitchen and bathroom. After reading your wonderful posting Gail, I
am going to watch what I think. Boy, 60,000 thoughts a day. That's
quite a lot. I think of my children a lot and what I want for them,
their wants and needs, fun things to do together, what I can bring
home for them, what activities I can maybe interest them in, what
they're up to, stuff like that, and also think what my wants and
needs are as well, and asking myself do they conflict with my
children's wants and needs, and dreams, dreams of taking my kids
to beautiful places, traveling, and also what things I want to learn
and how much to achieve that. I want a simple but meaningful life
and definitely want people in my life. Don't like being alone.
Talking to other people stimulates me and gets my thinking juices
flowing. Gives me ideas.

I am getting more and more into being online. It is very time consuming
but a lot of information to access. I haven't checked out any spiritual
sites, but will acess what is available at the Caregiver site, so thanks
for letting me know it's there. I find recipes online, check out medical
stuff, just beginning to explore educational opportunities online, email
some friends, also on ways to stay healthy, it's a big world out there
online and I need my sleep! Also use the computer for educational stuff
for my children, and am seeing what's available for them online, but
I will always be over their shoulders when they are online. I know I would
be so much further along in my life if I hadn't made some bad choices in
my life, or unwise choices. I made the mistake of letting my heart do
the thinking instead of my brains. Found out how blind the heart can
be at times. Now I am thinking more and feeling less it seems. And to
get back to spiritual stuff, I know I feel connected to a higher power,
and I feel that by treating others as I myself would want to be treated
is how to stay in touch with that higher power and not got myself
short circuited or even electrocuted. Sounds like you have a very strong
link to the invisible forces all around us and I think it is fantastic
that you take the time to share it and pass it on and try to teach it
to others Gail. Already I have written now a bunch of my wants,desires
and dreams, but it's not easy avoiding being negative or thinking those
negative thoughts. Wishing you all the best in the new year. Glad for
the holiday today to be able to spend more time online. People that
take care of sick folks are saints in my book. Many sick people in need
of caregiving are saints too, and I have known of some who thought
more of their caregivers than themselves. Well, will leave that one
for another time. Boy, your post was terrific, first time I was so
inspired to write down affirmations and my goals and remain positive.
Thanks for the tips Gail. Hi Vick. Wow, you really made some great
changes in your life. You are a terrific coach Vick, you and Gail, and Glenda, yes, I agree with all you said about Gail's post, just terrific!
You passed me that football and now I am determined to cross the goal
line with it, damn the obstacles, will just straight arm them away.

You can call me Barby but I ain't no doll.