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Reply to "For FallenAngel..."

Hello FallenAngel,

Most people forget about the laws of attraction. We are conditioned by our parents, society, our religions, teachers, govt, friends to be a certain way ... and guess what? It doesn't work.

Wherever, we put the power of our intention with our thoughts, we manifest in our life. So, the old habitual "stinkin thinkin" is like a alcohol or drug addiction.. it is one that can be broken but we must work on it very consciously to have a thought patterns shift with positive vibrations.

We are all energy. Scientists have now proven that our thoughts, visualition can influence our health and well being. The challenge is that we have not been shown how to make these changes. Many a time, we want others to do it for us, but there is no one that can do it but ourselves.

You share about what you don't want.. the universe doesn't understand don't.. it only understands the gist of what you say. This one is for all of us even though I am using an example from you , FA.

When you say: I can deal with bad luck from time to time, but not attacks on my very character. I always have felt my intentions and heart have been in the right place and yet somehow I can get accused of selfishness just because I want some alone time. . You get to deal with bad luck from time to time.. and you can't deal with the attacks on your character that you set yourself up to receive by reinforcing this picture.

Can you re write this in a way that asks for what you want rather than what you don't want, as if you already have it and feel it in your heart? Because there is no good or bad luck.. there is only what we focus our thoughts on that manifests in our life.

For instance, I am now creating and attracting new people and new experiences into my life that support my healing and growth. You have been doing this as you are here at the site and we are all supporting you in this way.

You wrote: Next on my to do list, find housing, go from these jobs to a career and that means some education or training, and also I feel a spiritual void, but I don't know how to fill it. I would like to think trying to be a good parent is my way of serving God. Being with my children is my church, that is where life feels the most holy and sacred.

Finding housing is very vague. Can you describe what it is in detail that you would like to live in? Don't talk yourself out of it by saying you don't have enough money. Sit down and actually write the type of place you want to live in.. how will it look on the outside and inside? Do you want darkness or sunshine coming in? Do you want a bathtub that you can sink into with aromatherapy and relax. Do you want a garden? What down what you would love and hold this vision.

And here alone at the site is a wealth of spiritual support in our expert columnists and in the inspiration areas of the site that can fill you with love, peace and happiness. As a matter of fact, having a computer is a life force for so many.. you can go to thousands of sites that can spiritually uplift and fill you whenever you get caught up in the things that you don't want.

Please understand... what I am pointing out here is for all of us FallenAngel. You know everything I am saying. I am not telling you anything you don't already know. I am just awakening it again and speaking to your soul.

We must listen more to our inner voice. Not to the chatter and idle talk that goes on daily. We have over 60,000 thoughts a day that run through our minds, so scientists say... what percentage are negative and what percentage are positive.. they all go out into the universe but most importantly we need to remember that they go into our cells, organs, etc and create stress and dis-ease or lack of ease for us... and we must always remember that in any given moment we always have choices about how we are going to feel. Do you want to experience peace and love or do you want to experience fear?

I know this will help many out here including myself...

Today is the first day of the New Year.. Take some time to ponder these thoughts.. and make some choices to create 2007 filled with new experiences that bring you more joy, more love, more peace, more abundance in health, wealth and in all areas you dare to dream.