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Reply to "First timer-Mother has lung cancer"

Hello Dee

Sorry we can' really speak... we keep missing each other... I am so happy to hear you are feeling better.

Unfortunately caregiving is a huge roller coaster ride rising so high to the depths of the sky and dropping so low... just know that you are not alone... God is watching over you and your family. there are many lessons being learned, preparing to let go, identifying with our own mortality, learning more and accepting more about death and dying and on it goes.

Dee, might I suggest writing right so beautifully and is a gift that you have... who is not only a healing for you but perhaps an opportunity to use the writings at a later time to help others.

Try to boost yourself enough to come into the chats...Tuesday is a great is slow and we can talk more one on one...

You are in my thoughts and prayers... so glad to hear from you.