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Reply to "First timer-Mother has lung cancer"


First off, I am sorry that I was confused in the chat when I first came in...we have two Dee' first I thought you were the other one (I am smiling as I write this)... when I realized it was you, I was thrilled that you had made it...Please come to the chat more often...I am there on Tuesdays and Thursdays...I will help keep the group under control so that it isn't as confusing as it was...Your prayer and blessings were wonderful for us all....

Thank you so much for sharing about the special moments you had with your mom, laughing...I had goosebumps and my heart was so open as I read of the joy your shared with each other...I am sure there will be many more special times as this...they support us and give us strength to face the challenges that lie ahead. They are a truly special gift...

I am glad you got the info from are doing wonderful work which will prepare will know all that needs to be done and this will take a tremendous amount of pressure off from you.
It is also a great idea to have the family meeting..I hope that it goes well...

Your story of caregiving since you were young is something many of us can relate is indeed a gift that many of us do possess as caregivers and it is so very very special...You mom is very fortunate to have you and vice versa...she truly appreciates the special light you are...this is love...

Richest blessings to you...Warmest wishes for a Happy Easter to you, your mom and family.