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Reply to "First timer-Mother has lung cancer"

Dearest Dee,

You don't know how your mail has touched me...For so many this is common knowledge and yet to those who are faced with researching and learning, it is such an important factor. I am glad that the work we do can help so it has you. Your prayer brought me to tears. Bless your dear heart. I will post this at the boards for others to view as well..
You are all in my thoughts and prayers.


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Sent: Monday, April 17, 2000 2:23 PM
Subject: Obeying The Lord

Sister Gail, My spirit bears witness with yours. You may not be a "professional" in the medical field, but your CALLING is of a GREATER MAGNITUDE. The Spirit tells me you listen very closely and obey! Heavenly Father I pray to you this day and THANK YOU JESUS!!! My help cometh from Thee! It never comes one minute ahead or one minute late, just right on time, Thank you Lord for Gail, strengthen her Lord to go about the work you have set for for her. Make her path an easy path. Lord I pray always keep Your Hand on her, this prayer I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen

Gail, you were right. I called Hospice and they told me that all chemotherapy's are considered "treatment" not palliative therapy. Until my Moma says she doesn't want any more chemotherapy and the doctor is told, the doctor will then contact Hospice, etc. and so one. YOUR INFORMATION WAS AN ANSWER. I felt calling Hospice in was not good for right now but didn't want to tell my Daddy what to do. This has him stopped in his tracts for right now. The Hospice issue has been heavy on my heart since last Thursday. Now my burden is lifted. Thank you so much.
Sister Dee-