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Reply to "First timer-Mother has lung cancer"

Hello Dee,

Welcome, glad you have joined us. I am sorry to learn of your mother's condition and your dad as well.

You aren't sounded morbid...I think you are doing the right thing, researching, reaching out and facing the reality of the situation.

How is your mom holding up from the treatments at this point? I hope they don't decrease the quality of her life. It is a difficult decision to make when you must act so quickly.

As far as Hospice is concerned, if the doctor prescribes her entrance into the program, Medicare will pay for everything. There is only one pre-requisiste and that is that she is not receiving any invasive treatment to prolong life such as radiation, chemotherapy etc. So they will not admit her into the Hospic program until the treatments are completed or they cease.

When my Dad had the cancer, they said no radiation or chemo would help because of the liver involvement. He and my mother were both into denial so it wasn't until the last six weeks of his life, that he entered the Hospice program. Hospice was an incredible gift for all of us. So you might want to discuss this further with the oncologist and your parents...and family members.

You can write as much as you need to in these posts Dee.. that is what these forums are here for and others will respond as well.

Keep us posted as to what is happening...If you would like to place your mother's name into the healing circle here at the site, please let me know.

Richest blessings to you in all you are doing.