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Reply to "Expected end of life symptoms?"

Hello Jean

I am glad your mother is resting more peacefully...

We have a number of excellent articles in the caregiving articles section of the site under death & dying. You can also read about others and what they have shared here at the boards under death & dying as well.

this first two articles answers many questions you may be having:

I am not sure if you are ready to go there, but if you believe that the soul lives on, there are also many wonderful articles to help you help both your mother and yourself on these levels to heal as she moves closer to her transition.

Reading books on death and dying can inform you further of the processes.. how to be fully present with your mom and at peace with her... creating a loving environment even though she may not seem alert. Her soul is aware of all that is happening...

If you need more information, you can read into the other articles here at the site or perhaps research some of the books that may strike you at the suggested reading area here at the site at:

please keep us posted.. we are here for you.. blessings