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Drained, tired, exhausted - somewhere around there

Hi everyone

I've been having the worst time with my mother's medical aid, and I'm seriously in need of venting.
From this year my mother is forced to use a discount pharmacy which is no where near her (and they don't deliver)  to avoid me having to pay 40% co-payments. Which is enough to bankrupt me, her meds are so expensive and her cancer meds even more so. I still have to pay the premium to the medical aid too - which is also not cheap.

I've got tears in my eyes from the stress and tension of trying to find a way out of this. How can people be forced to use certain pharmacies which don't even deliver? I don't have a car, i have to use taxis to go visit my mother anyway, and that also costs an arm and a leg each month. My mother certainly can't go and get them, she's confined to bed or her wheelchair, all day every day.

This whole thing is just making me mad. Nothing wants to give... I'm responsible for every single bill no matter what it is concerning my mother. My mother's government pension goes straight to the Home, and government hospitals are not even an option due to 'no service' and 'don't give a damn' about anyone policies.

We are forced to have medical aid so that if you do happen to be involved in an accident you have a chance of surviving, because if you get dropped off at our government hospitals you'll bleed to death waiting in the queue in casualty. The saddest thing is I'm not even exagerating - it really is that bad.

So I have to have my mother on medical aid, and now I have to some how find a way to get her medication to her without having to take off work every single time the Home submits a script... I'll lose my job real quick then. 


You guessed it, I'm in a seriously narky mood at the moment....


May the best ye've ever seen, Be the warst ye'll ever see. May the moose ne'er lea' yer aumrie Wi' a tear-drap in his e'e. May ye aye keep hail an' hertie,Till ye're auld eneuch tae dee. May ye aye be jist as happy, As we wiss ye noo tae be.

May the best you've ever seen, Be the worst you'll ever see. May the mouse never leave your pantry With a tear-drop in his eye. May you always keep healthy and hearty Until you're old enough to die. May you always be just as happy As we wish you now to be.)

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