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Reply to "Dog in Mourning?"

Dear Friends:

I am reading and re-reading your great postings... It is reassuring. I confess I had to laugh at some of your doggy stories. They hit home!

Barb and Mimi - I have never seen the Dog Whisperer show. I will have to look for it. Mimi, love the names! I am thinking Capt'n Morgan and Cola myself - LOL. And you do have a point about Cruiser picking up on my grief. Dad was definitely the pack leader around here... Now, I guess it is my turn!

Vickie, I had to laugh about the dog peeking under the cracks of the bathroom door. That story sounds too familiar or else they will just barge in if I don't shut it tightly. BTW, I am sorry to hear about your Dad's declining health. Hang in there, dear heart, and know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Gail, you come up with the most unique cures! I will have to check with our health food store around here for Rescue Remedy. I think I will be careful with the ears and stick to the paws on that one or put it in the water for all the animals including the human ones to drink... Also, it never dawned on me that he could be picking up on Dad's presence... Thank you for the suggestion of talking to him. I have been letting him know that Dad is okay and that we all miss him... He now comes to my room at night and visits a bit before lights out around here.

Kat, enjoyed your bird story. That was so sensitive of you and Hubby. BTW, I am with Mimi that it sounds like some kind of record. But I do know smaller dogs do live longer that the larger breeds. My last shepherd lived to 14. Cruiser is only about six now.

I am mulling over all your wonderful thoughts and ideas. I just never expected this to be the case... My most easy-going fur baby to be so distraught and carrying on so. I expected Dad's cat to be the major concern after all...

Love and Hugs from Glenda