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Reply to "DH's niece - withdrawing life support"

Just a final update.

The visitation and services were yesterday in a little country church. Of course she looked beautiful, except there was no smile and her eyes were closed.

BIL did okay most of the time. His remaining daughters, their husbands and kids were there. DH and I both cried at the casket and me some during the service (music gets to me). Otherwise we're fine.

At the cemetary, MIL's crypt marker isn't finished yet. So BIL had her picture taped to the front of her slot. I swear it was as though she was presiding over everything. At one point all the mourners around the coffin turned to acknowledge MIL, and the hysterical grief of her recent passing swept over everyone for a few moments.

We drove home from the cemetary. Driving both ways in one day makes for a long day. But then I asked DH, when he was working, didn't he leave the house around 5:30 and get home before 4? He said yes, that was true. So we had basically put in a full days "work", something we used to think nothing about when we both had fulltime jobs.

One last thing I want to share with this group: MIL's brother said that one of his granddaughters went through a similar ordeal as Chelsea, but no one in the immediate family would pull the plug. She was on the machines until finally her skin started to breakdown. The way Uncle put it was that she had started to rot. So we should count our blessings that Chelsea was not made to suffer or linger that way. I share that image because I know some folks here will be faced with that awful decision.

So, on that unpleasant note, I'll sign off for now.

I love my in-laws, but I'm hoping not to see them again so soon under similar circumstances.

Hugs to all,