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Dealing with "Remembrance" Overload

In our home we've made the conscious decision to avoid telecasts that focus on event anniversaries and deconstructions, etc.  Today it's 9/11.  A few days ago it was Katrina.  Next week will be Ivan.  Now many of you will add Irene to the list.  We didn't live through it, but we really don't even care to watch Pearl Harbor re-enactments.  Sometimes we watch the JFK "conspiracy" shows, but not the actual footage replays.


I'm not saying it's not useful to remember and reflect about these events and their impacts.  I'm all for honoring those who died or lost loved ones.  In our household, at least, it just seems to raise our collective blood pressure and stress level to have these things on the tv for more than a few minutes at a time.  I also hold a strong resentment for those who leverage these sorts of events for their own monetary or political gains.  So that adds another layer to why you won't see me at any local remembrance.


My mother had strong connections to New York City.  She spent most of her early life there (1930's, 40's and 50's).  She lived in lower Manhattan and worked on Wall Street.  That morning I had a chance to tell her what happened before we turned on the tv.  As a family we are fortunate that we didn't lose anyone that day.  My cousin was on an international flight that got diverted to Canada.  I'm ever grateful that Mom had just come home from a summer with my sister out west and didn't have to go through all the travel disruptions.  Just a few weeks later was when she fell and I knew I couldn't care for her at home by myself anymore.


So that's what's on my mind today.  Hope you are all doing well.



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