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Reply to "dealing with brother"

Hi Jamie...
So very sorry to hear about your mom..she is so lucky to have you..
One thing you must keep in mind is if you "burn out" what will happen should relay some of this to your brother...maybe a little wakeup call will give him that bit of extra strength he seems to need to cope with this...
Siblings...I'm an only child so I'd not dealt with that kind of problem pertaining to my many times I'd wished I had a brother or a sister to take some of the load off when I was very exhausted...then I see my husbands family...
With my father in laws fight with cancer, and his recent passing I saw first hand how hurtful it can be when one child just could care less. My oldest brother in law wouldn't visit his dad in the hospital, wouldn't check to see how his mother was, etc, fil would keep asking my husband why...what he'd ever done to him, this in turn upsetting my husband, who resents his brother very much still, and I think always will. He did show up for the funeral but made such a big deal about taking a day off work, as if we should all bow down and be thankful for this..: ( husband has said repeatedly that he held his tongue then, because of their mother, but should he pull this same thing when she passes away...all hell will break loose.
Anyways...hope things are going a little better for you? Let us know...
take care